August 23rd

As mentioned in our previous post, our main focus is to see people come to know Christ as their personal Lord and grow in their relationship with Him. However, one tool we will use to minister to the people is through teaching English. We will offer our first English class on September 10th. We will use GRACE Church to host the classes on Sunday nights. Our prayer is the class will be an incentive for men and older youth to attend church and/or an open door to connect them with the church. Will you begin to pray this ministry is effective in reaching people for the cause of Christ?

One of our highlights this past week was when the group from Ozark, Missourri, led by Bro. Phillip Burden, were gracious enough to tag along with us as we fed the kids at My Special Treasure School and the families at the El Tejar dump.  They were excellent at serving and loving on the kids and the families.  I am always on a time schedule, but Luis decided to allow the kids to sing just as we were getting ready to leave.  I smiled and said “O.K” but on the inside I was cringing because I knew we were going to be late for the dump.  There is no way to write about how God used the kids worshipping through song to move our hearts.  They worshipped with freedom!  I am learning to just “be still”, and I am reminded that God is not on my time schedule.



One thought on “August 23rd

  1. Thank you for allowing us from Ozark, MO to be a part of your ministry this past week. We were all blessed by what we experienced at the Feeding Center. It was evident that not only are they being fed physically but spiritually as well. To see the children truly worship and to feel God’s Spirit fill that room in an indescribable way will be forever etched in our minds and on our hearts. Thank you for your obedience to our Lord and Saviour by going and making disciples to the people of Guatemala. We will continue to keep you and the people of Guatemala in our prayers and help support your ministry financially. We hope to see you again next year and see what great things God has done.


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