Our God is an Awesome God!

Last Wednesday, 8/23, the blog shared about our desire to purchase ten computers in order to help the students at the feeding center and in the My Special Treasure School learn computing skills that can benefit them as they seek to better their lives.

Our hope was to purchase ten computers at a cost of three hundred and fifty dollars each and we asked for others to consider helping us with this cost.  We prayed, we posted and then we prayed some more while waiting on God.  (I am not good at waiting!)

Well, God showed up and God is showing out!  Yesterday, my mom contacted me after the morning services to share that the “Ladies Helping Hands Ministry” from our home church (Friendship Baptist) presented her a check to cover the cost of one of the computers.  Wow, what a blessing!  Thank you ladies!  Some of those ladies have literally known me all of my life and for them be involved in our ministry is humbling.  (My dad would say it means that folks like Myrtle are getting old but I am not going there.  I am grateful!).

Then my Uncle Eddie & Aunt Sue Turrentine contacted me yesterday afternoon to say that they were making an online deposit to cover five of the computers with a challenge for others to help purchase the remaining four needed this week.  Another wow!  I cannot tell you how supportive Uncle Eddie & Aunt Sue are of our ministry.  The thing is that they give to the Lord through their local church and then financially support a number of other ministries, including SLAM, too.  They are truly conduits of blessings to others!  I am so very thankful for my Uncle Eddie and Aunt Sue.

My Uncle Eddie has a “Type A” personality and he would like to see all ten of these computers purchased this week. (Have I mentioned that already?)  My dad is working on getting the next few teams to bring them to us.  My sister, Daphne, is purchasing these for us as the funds are made available.

So, as I write this this morning, we need to purchase four more computers to be set for the moment.  You can do as Uncle Eddie did and give online or write and check to SLAM and mail it to P.O. Box 513 Grand Bay, AL 36541.  Please know that we are very thankful to each person who helps in any way.

God is showing Himself to us daily and not just through financial blessings.  I will be sharing about some other financial things He has done in days to come.  Yes, our God is an awesome God.  We are not deserving of His blessings but we are most grateful to Him for all He does in our lives.  To God be the glory!

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