Welcome MiMi!

As Soy and I were originally planning to go to live on the mission field, we were pretty sure that would mean an appointment somewhere on the other side of the world.  We were good with that if that was the will of God for our lives.  However, ever after basically spending entire Summer in that part of the world we did not get a peace from God that was the place for us.  Enter another Summer in Guatemala and the rest is history!
One of the huge advantages of living in Guatemala is that it is not very far from home
which means we can have family and friends visit much more often.  Yesterday afternoon “Mimi” arrived and Lizzi, Sydney & Audrey were elated!  Of course it was like Christmas morning for them.  I am sure they are happy to see her but they were really happy to see what she brought to them regardless of what it might be.  Excitement filled our apartment yesterday afternoon when Meme walked through the door!  Priceless!
So, for today and the next five days our girls will be spoiled a little more by my mom.  It is ok by me because it allows me the opportunity to sit and have coffee with her and just talk.  Coffee time with my mom and dad (just kidding about dad) along with coffee time with Pops & Maw Maw is one of the things I so miss about not living in Grand Bay.
This Friday, 9/1, we have a first time guest from the States coming to visit with us for a few days.  More on that later.  IMG_2828.JPG

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