Meals on Wheels!

We are making sure our families from the school are provided with food each week.  However, the needs around us continue to increase.   This week we decided to provide families with spaghetti and tortillas.  They will be able to eat a delicious meal while not having to use their firewood to cook their own food.

One place we delivered spaghetti to is Buena Vista.   Buena Vista is known for the extreme violence (murders) and is a dark spiritual place.  Soy, Telma, and Brian walked the streets and delivered hot spaghetti dinners to the elderly and single mothers.   Soy said “Without a doubt Telma is a light in the community.  The people’s eyes lit up when they saw her.”

Shadya, Chino, and Angelina delivered hot meals to the people in El Tejar.  This is an opportunity to be a light in our very own community.  We want to use this time of uncertainity as an opportunity to flood the streets with the love of Christ.

200 people were fed a hot dinner as a result of your generosity!   Thank you for making it possible for us to serve these precious people!  


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