3 Months!

Three Months!!!  We anticipated providing food for families for 2-4 weeks.  We never imagined our ministry would change focus to solely providing food for families.

We have provided 2500 food bags!

Our main focus has been for the families at the school, however, we have been able to help other communities, families, and churches meet needs also.

Have we met other needs for families?  Yes!  So many of the men are simply out of work without any pay.  Two weeks ago men and women volunteered and helped clean the land in front of the school.   Theses families will receive credit for the transportation when school starts again (we do not own the bus transportation).  They also received a hot lunch, food bags, and firewood.  All treasured items.   Last Thursday and Friday, about 15 men cam and worked for money.   We cooked them a hot lunch, gave them food bags, firewood, and money.   One man had tears streaming down his face because of the opportunity to earn money for his family.   They are not looking for “freebies”, they simply want the opportunity to earn money for their families.

How are we able to help the families in our community?  Because of generous people!  People who are willing to understand the cost of one trip to a fast food restaurant can feed a family in Guatemala for one week!  ($15).

Each bag represents more than beans, rice, and maseca.  Each bag represents Hope.  Each bag is a reminder that we love them.  Each bag is a reminder that God loves them.  Each bag gives them hope for tomorrow.

Thank you for being part of it all!

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