Teacher Appreciation Day!

We love our teachers!   We prayed God would send us teachers who have a heart for the children.   We can provide them with strategies and resources to teach the curriculum, but we can’t give them a heart for the children.  A heart to love and serve the children and their families comes only from the Lord.

Our teachers go above and beyond their responsibilities to meet the needs of the children.  Even in the midst of the craziness they have made sure the children are cared for.  It has ranged from helping the parents understand the homework to preparing food bags to cooking food to making unannounced home visits.

We are thankful God sent us teachers who have a heart to show the love of Christ to our children and their families.  And they have fun while serving them!

Somehow Soy and the teachers always seem to have a lot of fun while passing out food.  This week the fun came from simply chasing people with a huge beetle.


The teachers are working from home and yet they seem to always make their way to our kitchen table.   If you come to our house around breakfast, lunch, or dinner you are almost guaranteed to find a few teachers.


The children always tell us how much they miss their teachers.  The teachers provide security for so many of the students.


If you invest in a teacher or our ministries–Thank You!  We believe it is an investment that is changing eternity!

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