Willing to Work!

How is a single mother with 4 children suppose to pay for rent if she has no employment?  She has worked hard to provide for her family, but the restrictions have caused her factory to temporarily close.   The landowner has graciously agreed to delay the payment, but she will eventually have to pay all of it.  The only food in the house is the bag of dry goods and vegetables given by Grace Ministries.

Henry and Alex, ages 13 and 12, were willing to work at the school in order to help their mother with the rent.   They worked hard cleaning the school area with some other workers.   They enjoyed hot lunches, more food bags, and gathering firewood each day.  They even worked a few extra days to earn money for food.

Sergio’s mother approached me one afternoon and said, “Sergio is not in school so he can work for you!”  In other words, he needs a summer job.  Sergio’s father passed away so the mother is the provider for the family.  She makes a few dollars a day by washing clothes.  Sergio was able to work for several days in order to earn money for the family.

The one thing I enjoyed the most was watching the boys interact with the male teachers of the school.  They loved having Chino, Pablo, and Brian work alongside them while cleaning the land.   They even saved seats for them at lunch!  It is so important for the boys to have positive male role models in their lives.

I gave the boys the envelopes with their “food” money.  It was like Christmas morning.  They left grinning from ear to ear!  (The money for rent was paid directly to the landowner).





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