Why Are We Here?

Why are we still here?  This question has been asked a lot!  We have watched many missionaries leave for various reasons.   Our children have been in the car three times since March 14th.  Two of those times was to simply go through the drive thru at fast food restaurants.  For split seconds, we have considered flying home until everything is back to “normal”.

Then we ask ourselves the question “What if we were not here?”

Who would make sure our children had food?  They might receive a bag from another organization, but there would be no consistent food source.  We know our families.  We know the families who need a little more food throughout the week.  We know the single mothers who need firewood for cooking.  Our families know we are only one phone call or text message away.

Sometimes the text messages are asking for work in order to earn money.  So we provide work.

Sometimes the text messages are letting me know they have torn their only pair of shoes.   They are worried because they have no other shoes to wear.  So we provide shoes.

Sometimes the text messages are from a family in need of medical attention.  So we use our “Humanitarian Pass” to drive to the hospital after curfew.  A bike accident resulted in 5 stitches later, lots of medicines, and pizza for the family!  Soy took him back home at 9:00 on a Sunday night!

We sleep better knowing we are only one text message away from some of the most precious children.  We love them.




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