Stories of Hope!

To say the past 3 months have been challenging would be an understatement.   We have questioned a lot of things during this time.  We have watched impoverished people struggle even more without any help from others.  We have felt as if we are not making a huge difference.  And then we receive stories–Stories of Hope!  Examples of the Love of Christ!  Stories of His Grace!

A message from a teacher: 

–Several weeks ago the president suddenly closed everything from Friday morning to Monday morning.  No time to prepare.  No cars or motorcycles could be on the road.  People could only walk to the store from 8:00am-11:00am.  One of our teachers did not have time on Thursday to pass out all of the food bags to the elderly. No problem for her! She loaded her wheelbarrow and started walking!

This is the message she sent:

“This man had two days of drinking only pure water.  He sleeps where some neighbors give him permission.  Today my husband learned about his condition.  He cooked eggs, beans, noodles with Inca sauce and bananas and at 1 this afternoon we went to look for him and we found him.  The man was crying with happiness.  Thank you boss for letting God use you to make all this possible. He doesn’t even have pots to cook.”


A message from another Grace ministries worker: 

“The little girl is Mabely.  She has hydrocephalus in the first degree.  She walks with the toy in front of her because her spine nor her kidneys are formed.  She must urinate through her navel. She said thank you for the food.  She will give the food to her mom when she gets back from work. The father of these girls died last year. Her mommy works making tortillas. She earns Q800.00 a month.  The house costs Q600.00 and they only have Q200.00 for food each month”

Q200 is equivalent to $26!  Can you imagine having less than $7 each week to buy food for your family? 


This story was on the Chimaltenango news: 

“Don Trinidad Ajuchan, in order to earn daily livelihood for his family, every day he had to rent a bike to go out to sell bread in El Tejar Chimaltenango, our police chaplaincy agents with other merchants joined to donate a new bike, so you can continue making your sale.”

This man is a father to 2 of our students, Amaryllis and Mariela.   They have a large family and the father has health issues.   The father donated a kidney to one of his daughters several years ago.  Amaryllis asked, “Deidra please give us homework because I am bored.  However, don’t make the homework too difficult!”  When Soy knocks on the door with a bag of food, he can hear them start giggling and exclaiming “Soy is here!”

We were so thrilled to see the police helping this family!





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