Possibility of new school.

Many of you have probably heard about the possibility of building a school on GRACE mountain.  We began to pray about this opportunity in April, and we believe it is time to start the process.  In June, Roger McConnell participated in his first GRACE mission trip.  We quickly learned of his vast knowledge on how to raise funds for causes such as this.   He has been gracious in helping us arrange a training to help us write grants appropriately.  This Saturday a group of about 15 people will participate in the grant writing class.   We are excited about the possibilities.

Right now, I am traveling to Alabama to participate in the training also.  It will be short trip, but I am very excited about it.  My girls know I am in the US, but they do not know I will be in Alabama.  Soy will be “Mr. Mom” for the next several days.  Teresita cooked him lasagna and the teams have provided us with plenty of hot dogs and ravioli!

Will you join us in fervently praying about the new school?


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