Sunday Normalcy?

Our normal Sunday afternoons always consisted of eating lunch with my family, resting/napping during the afternoons, and 4:00 coffee and cake with my grandparents.  Now our Sundays look quite different!  I have to cook, but thankfully my parents manage to bring us a “Sunday roast” to enjoy.  Yesterday, our afternoon consisted of dividing the food for 7 families and delivering to nearby towns.  The girls help place each item into the specific pile.  Sydney preferred to stand in the garage and see how far she could throw the items and land into the pile.  She never actually followed the organized line–then she found bubbles!  Like father, like daughter.  Lizzi followed the organized line and knew exactly which piles were incomplete with specific items.  Audrey sat in the stairwell singing to the top of her lungs while trying to put on her running shoes with her pajamas.  We started to deliver the food and realized we only knew where 3 of the houses were located.  Thankfully, one of our girls from the feeding center, Jazmine, knows where everyone in Guatemala lives.  She was our tour guide.  Lazaro and Glendy helped us out with a couple of houses also.  Of course the majority of the places require us to park and walk.  Four hours later we were finished with 7 food deliveries!  Today I will deliver to three more families.  Thank you to each person who gives to specific children or who financially support our ministry so we can meet the needs.  We try to buy high protein, healthy foods that may be a treat for them such as canned meat, milk, and peanut butter.  They are always grateful.

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