We Love Teams!

The one thing the children love is extra attention from all of the North Americans.   A couple of weeks ago the newest girl, Nataly, approached me and asked, “Where are all of the Americans?”  She was referring to the summer interns, but she wanted was attention from more than just me.  The children know when a team comes then it is a “fun” day with paint, legos, games, extra outside play time, etc.  The children feel loved knowing people would choose to travel all of the way from North America to simply spend time with them.  I have watched some of the most timid children now “light up” when see they see North Americans walk into the building.

Thank you to the teams who take the time to hear the purpose and vision for these children.  Does your team want to know more specific details about the opportunities to serve the children?  Contact me for more details.

First Baptist Ozark, MO enjoyed the day with the children!

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