Volcano Update

Many of you chose to designate a financial gift to help the people affected by the volcano.  We are continuing to work with Pastor Max as he is very familiar with the more isolated locations and the needs of the people.  Since July we have provided food to over 900 families (about 5400 people), fed breakfast to an average of 40 people for 20 days, and served a hot lunch to 600 people.  The bags at the food distributions consist of oatmeal, beans, rice, pasta, salt, sugar, oil, milk, flour, and seasoning.  These are items used for cooking their basic meals.  Food distributions with Max can take flexibility such as receiving a phone call at 3:30 am stating the rivers are too high to cross for our planned trip.   Soy and Max experienced changing a flat tire after they had loaded a truck with a ton of supplies.  However, there are over 900 families who are always happy to see us!   We are thankful to team last week for being willing to travel the distance to serve those in isolated areas.  It was a long drive but necessary to reach those who do not receive help due to the road conditions.

We will travel back to El Rodeo to serve 600 hot meals this Sunday.  We have committed to serve the meals once a month for the next four months.  We are grateful a church is willing to help pastor Max build a “church” in one area affected by the volcano in September.

Thank you Sylaina Hinkle for some of the Pictures!







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