Last week I traveled home by myself. This was very different from the usual traveling as a family so I was enjoying the easy trip. My plans were to quickly pass through customs and then enjoy Chik-Fil-A! When I approached customs I thought it was strange to have the lines basically empty, but I did not dare complain. I always keep my answers short, sweet, and to the point when I deal with immigration.

The man at the desk was extremely nice as he scanned my passport and I knew I would be quickly on my way. Not so fast! The man began to ask questions. One question led to another question. Where do you live? What do you do in Guatemala? Do the people accept you? What is your denomination? I was completely fine with sharing our work with him but I was confused as to why this had anything to do with entering the country. I explained that we help children in poverty through a feeding and educational program. The purpose of our trip is to help build a school so the children in poverty will be provided with a Christian-based, high quality education in order to break the cycle of poverty.  He could probably see I was willing to give answers but I didn’t understand the reasoning for asking specific questions.  Finally, he said “I am one of those children.  I became a Christian during Vacation Bible School at a church!  I am a by-product of VBS!”  He continued to tell me about how he is faithfully serving in a church located in Houston, and how his entire family became Christians.  He expressed his gratitude for the church who chose to spend a week in the summer to tell children about the love and salvation through Jesus Christ.  They chose to plant the seed.

I have replayed the 7-8 minute conversation in my head many times since last week.  What if the leaders of the church decided not to have VBS?  The finances, the transportation, finding volunteers, the use of buildings, etc. are good reasons not to invest in one week of planting seeds into the lives of children.  However, I met one man who is grateful they chose to make an eternal investment.

To Be Continued…




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