Flight Attendant

I was encouraged by the man who told me about his salvation experience as I traveled through customs.  I was encouraged by the number of people who participated in the grant writing training and who are willing to help raise funds for the school.  Although I believe these children deserve an education, I traveled back to Guatemala asking myself the same questions–“Is it really possible to raise this amount of money?  Do you know how much the operational cost is every year?  Is it really worth it?”  I like a five year strategic plan and yet God continues to show us only one step at a time.

I can not remember the last time I sat on a plane with basically every seat around me empty.  I had no one beside me or behind me.  It was strange.  The flight attendant was very outgoing as he began to make conversation with me.  After about three sentences he asked me if I was from East Texas or Alabama–Apparently my accent is obvious.  When I told him I live in Guatemala, he asked if I was familiar with a specific ministry.  It’s a small world as we know the directors along with working with the ministry in the past.  The flight attendant, Ken Bridges, was able to sit beside me as he tells me how God uses him to help lead mission teams ranging from Ecuador to Guatemala to Africa.  He was enthusiastic as he spoke of the many opportunities God provides for him and his wife to help ministries and missionaries.

It was a fresh reminder of how God can use an immigration worker to share about the salvation as a result of VBS, and a flight attendant to encourage people in the mission field.   God reminded me of how He will use people who are not in our “contacts” to see His work completed.  He is faithful to complete every work He begins.  Even when we are faithless He remains faithful–He will not disown himself.

One day the children in the feeding center and the future school will share with others about their decision to follow Jesus Christ.  They will tell how they are by-products of our ministries and now their entire family are Christians.  We are privileged to be a small part of the journey!







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