We can not physically be at Friendship Baptist tonight for a special time of prayer for Mrs. Caroline Ford and Mr. Larry Whitehurst, but we will join them in a spirit of prayer.  They have always been great encouragers for our family and we love them dearly.  We have tremendous respect for them as they are both faithful in trusting God.  Their faith does not waiver.  We are asking people who may not even know Mrs. Caroline and Mr. Larry to join us in praying for them.  Here is an the post from my dad’s blog explaining the specific needs:

Visited with Caroline Ford late this afternoon.  She remains in ICU.  The test results came back today and Caroline has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.  There are no traditional medical treatments available to her.  The doctor offered to move her to their hospice care floor but she has made the decision to go home under hospice care.  That move will possibly take place on Wednesday but that is not finalized.  Pray for Caroline.

I spoke to Larry Whitehurst late this afternoon.  He did not get the report he wanted from one of the surgeons who was present during Larry’s surgery.  They did not remove nearly as much of the tumor as Larry and family had been led to believe.  They are mentioning an additional surgery but Larry is not on board with that idea at this time.  Can you blame him?  Larry meets with another doctor tomorrow.  He likes this doctor and has a lot of confidence in him so it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about Larry’s situation.  Pray for Larry.

So, I feel led to call a special prayer meeting for tomorrow night, Tuesday, 2/20, in the church worship center beginning at 6:30PM.  The focus of this prayer time will be for Caroline and Larry but we will gladly pray for any person requesting prayer.  This will be a time of corporate prayer followed by a time of personal prayer if anyone so desires.

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