February 13th

We have dedicated the month of February to focusing solely on the feeding center.  Teachers understand a lot about the exhaustion from beginning of the year preparation.  Our preparation the past week has left me feeling like it is the beginning of the school year.  The major difference is trying to organize and structure kids who speak a different language!

Reemond Christian Reformed Church, led by Leon Proctor, allowed me to speak to the team on Monday morning and share with them about some of the ministries.  Hopefully, they walked away knowing that God uses people involved in short-term missions to impact the lives of others for eternity.

I was thrilled to have them partner with me this morning as we fed the 160+ kids at My Special Treasure School.  Cereal, bananas, and peanut butter is my favorite meal to prepare!  They seemed to thoroughly enjoy it as they learned about how God is using this ministry to show the love of Christ to the kids.

The team spent the afternoon celebrating the January birthdays with the kids at the feeding center.  Two of the teenagers raised the money for cake, juice, pinantas, and candy.  The kids were thrilled to have cake for dessert instead of fruit!  The team did an excellent job with interacting with the children from making crafts to helping with homework to serving cake.  They were eager to serve and the kids loved playing with them.

Last week I had a few minutes to spare so I asked Soy to read the kids a book in English.  I gave him the book titled A Ball for Daisy.  I had no idea it was a wordless book.  The kids were very impressed with his ability to read a wordless book and they even clapped for him.  Great job Soy!

If you have instagram, follow us @SLAMinistries.  Soy is posting daily pictures and videos of the different ministries we are involved in.

Danville Baptist–this video is for you.


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