Meet Daniel & Susi

Daniel is part of the original group of children at the feeding center.  He has a smile that is contagious and an outgoing personality.  He has always been extremely respectful and willing to help.  I watched him be the “greeter” at church on Sunday with so much pride as he served.  Since Daniel graduated sixth grade this past October, he no longer participates in the feeding center program.  However, his sponsors continue to provide the funds for his education and he is accountable for his grades.

Although Daniel graduated from the program, his sister, Kimberly Susi, entered the feeding center program.  She is as cute as a button!   She loves everything at the feeding center from the food to the play-doh.  Her smile is contagious also.  We are excited about investing in her life on a weekly basis for the next six years.

Thank you John Milton and Teresa Ladnier for faithfully sponsoring Daniel!

Thank you Bubba and Jenni Baggett for sponsoring precious Susi!

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