Meet Sergio

Sergio is a sweet, always smiling, 11 year old boy.  He is one of the original children in the feeding center program.  Lazaro was introduced to Sergio in one of the local dumps.  Five years ago, Sergio was so malnourished that his hair was beginning to turn white.  Wow–Fours years of nutritious meals, constant love, help with homework, and teaching Bible has made a huge difference in his life!  Sergio always greets us with a huge smile whether he is at the center or walking down the street.

Sergio lives in a one-room “shed” type house on another person’s land.  They have a small covering to cook food.  The shed does not have any sort of electricity.   He lives with his mom and three siblings.  His mom makes minumum money by washing clothes.  His mom will frequently volunteer at the feeding center to show her gratitude.

Thank you David and Vera Bosarge for faithfully supporting Sergio.  He sure does love both of you!


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