Meet Armando

Armando is a quiet, calm, precious little boy at the feeding center.  He has started his second year as a participant of the program.  Armando is the oldest of four boys.  He lives extremely close to the feeding center in a small house.  His dad is a guard for the GRACE medical center and his mom is always willing to help.  We frequently see three small boys carrying sticks and a mother with a baby on her back walking down the dirt road to take the father dinner.  (One of the last times we provided the family a ride, the boys cried because they could not take the stick in the car.  We took them to get ice cream and the tears were quickly gone!)

One of the teams built Armando’s family a laminate house to live in.  At the house dedication Armando’s parents, Cristobol and Rosa, accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  As a result, they are faithfully involved in GRACE Community Church and were baptized this past November.  This is a family who is thankful for people who give of their resources to share about the love of Christ.  They are eternally grateful.

Thank you to Cropwell Baptist Church for faithfully sponsoring Armando!










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