Grateful for Mrs. Caroline!

When I sat in Mrs. Caroline’s living room on January 29th we talked about her next trip to Guatemala.  She talked about buying some new flowers for the yard at the mission house and her love for the country.  I never expected that 24 days later, I would receive the news of Mrs. Caroline’s passing from this life.  I will always treasure that particular visit.

It is impossible for me not to think of Guatemala when I think of Mrs. Caroline’s life.  She had a vision and passion for the people of Guatemala.  Mrs. Caroline was a vital part of the beginning of GRACE Ministries and she remained a strong supporter, encourager, and prayer warrior for the ministry.

It has been a hard week, but we are reflecting on all of the many things we are gratedul for in the life of Mrs. Caroline.  I am grateful for her burden for the people of Guatemala.   I am grateful for the time we rode the chicken bus from Chimaltenango to Antigua with 200 other Guatemalans.  I am grateful that I could laugh with her when she tried to convince me to give her a machete and chair and she would just trim all of the trees.  I am grateful for all of the times that she would question why I chose not to serve in Guatemala (She definitely ended up being right).  I am grateful for the time she spent with me trying to teach me how to make biscuits.  She never measured anything, but insisted that I would have the “feeling” when the mixture was right.  I am grateful for all of the times that my dad would introduce her as his grandmother, and she would crack up laughing.  I am grateful how she would tell me that my dad was her best friend, and she considered my parents to be like her own.  I am grateful for the times Soy would act a fool with her and she would always laught at him.    I am grateful that she lived a life which exemplified unconditional love, forgiveness, and selflessness.   I am grateful that her faith never waivered.   I am grateful for her encouragement, prayers, and support for our ministry.

But above everything else, I am grateful that she is worshipping at the very feet of Jesus Christ.  She has no more pain or sorrow.  Selfishly I would love to spend one more week with her in Guatemala.  However, I am grateful that because of my salvation through Jesus Christ–I will see her again!  I will spend eternity with her!  I will worship with her again!  Oh how we love you Mrs. Caroline!  Thank you for the impact you had on our lives!  We will see you again!

For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.  Phillipians 1:21








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