One Life!

Soy and I are confident about our salvation through Jesus Christ and our call to serve in Guatemala.  We both became followers of Christ and felt the call to serve internationally at different times in our lives, but we are grateful that God brought us together for this journey.  We have received a lot of encouragement and support from people, but there is often the question “Aren’t you scared?” or “Why are you taking your kids away from their family?”  Trust me we have had plenty of time to reflect and ask God if He is certain this is the next step for our lives.  Every time we have the peace that “Yes” this is His call to obedience–His call to surrender!

In 2000, our church went to a Passion conference near Memphis, Tennessee.  Several months ago Clint Landry sent my dad part of the sermon preached at the conference by John Piper.  God used this 8 minute sermon as a reminder that we are not here to simply chase the American dream.  The promise of abundant life does not equal the American dream!  We realize that we could continue to live with our family, security, and comfort of our home while ministering to people around us, but we would know in our hearts that we are not being obedient.  In years to come we want to be able to look at our girls and say that we trusted our God and He is Faithful.  When we stand before the creator of the universe, the Savior, we do not want to simply have a bucket of shells to represent our lives!

Here is a link to this short video:  One Life

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