June 21st

This group had the opportunity to feed and love on the people of El Tejar dump yesterday.  They gave the 25 families a bag of groceries along with shoes and a pancake breakfast!  The kids were especially thrilled when the barbie dolls and stuffed animals were being passed out to them!

There is something to be said for the people who return every year to love on the people of Guatemala.  The ladies from the dump were all smiles when familiar faces from the group greeted them with a hug.  I couldn’t help but to think about the first time we visited the dump and the people were skeptical of us.  The men stayed at a distance and didn’t really seem to care about us being there.  Yesterday, the women embraced the group and the men listened as Christ was shared and food was served.

Last year, the group visited the dump and were introduced to a woman with a malnourished infant in her arms. (The mother was not nourished properly herself)  The young mother had just been told by the government authorities that if the infant did not get any nourishment then they would remove the child from her care.  The group prayed over the baby and the heartbroken mother, and they provided enough money for the baby to given the appropriate milk for several months.  Lazaro and Glendy made sure the mother was received the milk as needed.  The baby went from a malnourished infant to a sweet nourished boy in only a matter of a few months!  The picture shows the sweet boy enjoying his share of pancakes!

On a lighter note, I had the chance to visit the feeding center with about 40 energetic kids.  While I was talking to Glendy, a group of boys ran to show Glendy their new pet.  One of the boys was holding and petting a mouse!  It was alive!  Glendy calmly told them to throw it over the wall, and the boy definitely threw it will all of his might!   I did not stay around to take a picture of the nasty mouse!  Boys will be boys!

We are happy to have my dad and Dana join us in Guatemala today!  The girls are excited about having a slumber party in his apartment for the next 7 days.  Isn’t that nice of him?

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