Random Thoughts

Wow, I waited almost twenty years for the Lord to place me on the mission field as a full time missionary.  Initially, in my college years, I thought I would be going alone but God has once again proven Himself so very faithful by providing me with a husband who shares that call.  God has blessed us with three precious little girls who are now MK’s.  I am thankful to my Heavenly Father on this Father’s Day weekend.  (BTW, today isn’t Father’s Day in Guatemala as it always falls on June 17 regardless of the day).

So, why am I dealing with mixed emotions these first few days?  I am confident of my call.  I guess it is just “I am ready for the day to be here” and then when it comes I am like “whoa, that got here quickly!”

However, God is a good, good Father.  He placed the Motlow Creek Baptist Church team here for our first week – excellent!  The only downer is that Pastor Terry Rainey was not physically able to come with them because of the injuries he received right here in El Tejar exactly nineteen weeks ago.  Pastor Terry, Burger King will not be the same without you!  Would you join me in praying for Pastor Terry’s complete recovery – physically, emotionally, et cetera?

My dad says the downer is that Sandra Wilson is leading this team!  He also says it could be worse – Blair Nodine could be the leader!  He can take that up with them when he arrives next week!

Thank you for being a part of SLAM.  We are grateful!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Glad that things are going great know you will be busy this week. Praying for a great week. Tell the girls hello, big hugs from us.


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