June 30th

Why has there been no blog entries this week?  If you have ever participated in one of my dad’s missions trips then you completely understand.  There is no rest for the weary!

Monday Morning began at 4:30 am with Mr. Kenny’s accident and Mrs. Sanna’s cooking.  We are grateful that Mr. Kenny’s accident was not worse and he simply needed six stitches.  Personally, I was happy when Phillip spoke highly of the hospital’s professionalism, cleanliness, and knowledge.  This clinic is much closer than the city or Antigua if we need one for our family.  Mrs. Sanna and Lana’s pancake breakfast was a success, and Mrs. Sanna discovered the value of Crisco butter spray.   They are excited about being breakfast leaders next year!

Soy spent the week with the building team.  Hopefully, Eric Collier, Mr. Raymond, and Mr. Jeff gave him some tips on how to correctly build the houses! There are 24 happy families right now as they have new houses with concrete floors. I thought about the families yesterday as the hard, afternoon rains began around noon.  I spent the week between feeding the kids at the school,  the feeding center, buying food for families, and visiting homes of several of the feeding center families.   There is no such thing as a quick trip to the grocery store or simply visiting a nearby house–everything takes twice as long!

We were blessed to be able to find a babysitter!  Pastor Walter’s daughter, Ingrid, is completing the process to begin dental hygienist school in January.  She will benefit from having work, and we are very comfortable with leaving our girls with her.  This is a huge answer to prayer because Soy and I will be able to attend language school at the same time.  However, her sweet personality and limited English has Lizzi thinking that she makes all of the rules!   Now our prayer is that Ingrid won’t quit!

We are extremely grateful to have spent the first two weeks with people that we love.  These are some of the people who have loved, encouraged, and prayed for us for years.  Morning devotions, building houses, getting lost on narrow roads, eating dinner, playing cards, spoiling our girls–every moment was refreshing!  We are humbled and thankful that God has allowed you to take this adventure with us!  We love y’all!










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