June 19th

I am not my dad–Thank Goodness!  I have no plans of blogging everyday!  He blogs at 3 a.m.–just not normal!  I have hired my dad to be my editor, therefore, if there is any type of mistake then you can blame him.  I am committed to trying to blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  This is intended to keep the people who pray and support us connected with our ministries in Guatemala on a weekly basis!

Last year the Motlow Creek group was assigned to build houses and have a VBS in a nearby village.  As they were going to build on the first day, the pastor from the church began to call Kirk in order to make sure they were coming.  When they arrived the pastor shared with them that  the people in the village had been promised multiple times that other people would help them, but no one ever shows up.  They were starting to lose hope of getting any sort of help for basic shelter and food.   Bro. Terry and the group spent the next week loving and serving on these people.  It was like a breath of fresh air breathed into this pastor and his church.  The group “adopted” this village with a promise to return this year and work alongside the people again.

These people from South Carolina know how to work.  The plans are for them to finish 16 houses by tomorrow and provide a food clinic to 300 families.  They will have VBS for the kids for the next two days.  Does anyone else find it amazing that 150 kids sit in the chairs, listen to the bible story, and follow directions without really causing a distraction?  Yesterday my kids lasted two minutes in church  before we had to take them out!

Pray for the team to have good weather in order to finish the house building.  Pray this will be an opportunity for the pastor to be able to reach more people in his town for Christ!

We are continuing to pray for Joe David Bailey as he is on an international mission trip this week!

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