June 23rd

We have been blessed to spend the first two weeks in Guatemala with familiar faces!  We enjoyed spending time with people from Friendship, Ethelsville, and Thelma.  No one had to rock the group to sleep as they were exhausted from traveling all day.  My dad, Dana and I were in charge of cooking breakfast for Day 1!  I am glad it’s over because Lana Lollar and Sanna Collier are in charge of breakfast for the next two days.  I am certain they are gourmet chefs so I do not want to have to follow their cooking!

Soy will spend the day working with the building teams today.  According to him, he is the building leader for the group from Ethelsville.  I am not sure if they will get a lot of building accomplished, but they will be entertained!  There is no doubt Soy will manage to take a few selfies!

Thank you for continuing to pray for this group!

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