A bit over two years ago, we agreed to allow a 14 year old to “work” for us because he was the sole provider for his family.  He was so shy he wouldn’t even look at us.  We told him we would only allow him to do odd jobs for only two weeks.   Somehow the two weeks has turned into two years of many “first time” trips and eating all of our food.  This past year he paid for all of his school tuition!

Last night, he graduated from the first level of his English class.  It was very important for our family to attend.   I couldn’t not figure out why he didn’t want his siblings to go with us.  After the ceremony, they served sandwiches and cake to each person. Jonathan had bought 5 for my family and 1 for his mom.

When people support us then we are able to support others.  Thank you Anthony Shaneyfelt for making English class possible for Jonathan.

I pay Jonathan.  I feed him.  I make sure he has school supplies.  I make sure he has clothes.  I hold him accountable for his grades.  And yet Soy is his best friend….


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