Adios Danville!

It is refreshing for us when we work with teams that are dear to our hearts.  Danville is a great supporter to GRACE Ministries and SLAM.

Seven of them hit some problems with arriving in Guatemala which cost them one day.  Then it rained consecutively for 2 days.  The rain caused them not to accomplished much during those days, but they were able to complete everything yesterday.

We were able to ride in a nice car and stay in a nice house while waiting for the rain to pass.  Imagine the families in the tin houses and without a car during the days/months of rain.

The groups accomplished building 6 houses, a food distribution for 300 people, house dedications, hosting 8 families from the center, and feeding people at the El Tejar dump.

The group did get to spend some time at the center and see the progress of the new school.  Our favorite time is always when the sponsors meet their children.  The children do not understand the financial part of the sponsors, they just know someone in America loves them.  This is definitely the heartbeat of our ministry.

Adam, Jamie, Bro. Jack, and Mrs. June were delayed in getting to Guatemala and then had to return a day early.  We are very appreciative for them spending the time to minister to these people.  Bro. Jack and Mrs. June sponsor Henry.  Henry’s eyes lit up when I told him they were coming to visit him.  My heart broke at the thought of telling Henry they were not able to come due to some airline problems.  Eddie Turrentine was able to work his magic and have them on another flight.  For us to see Henry meet them was worth it all.

Several months ago, I asked a few of our teachers from the school if they would like to work with Danville.  They jumped all over the opportunity.   Telma, Daisy, Chino, and Pablo were able to spend a lot of time working and fellowshipping with the team.  Saul was able to work alongside with the team, and they all bragged on about his strong work ethics. The team blessed the Guatemalans last night with hosting their family for dinner also.

Thank you Danville Baptist for being a part of SLAM and GRACE!

(I took all pictures from Facebook!)


While working with the Danville team, we also watched Sydney graduate from Kindergarten!   Her graduation practices and performances limited my involvement with the Danville group, but Sydney was all smiles on Wednesday night.  Sydney said, “This is the day I have been waiting for!”   Who wants to tell her she has about 12 years of school and then college?  We survived so we consider it a successful year!  Where will Lizzi and Sydney attend school in January?  Colegio J.E.T!  Yes, we are confident God is going to bless the success of the school!

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