Pig Roast

It is cold in Michigan!  Or at least it is cold to me.   My parents and I flew into Chicago at midnight on Tuesday night.  We drove to Paw Paw, Michigan to sleep for a few hours and then met family to lunch.  We made it to Tom and Shari’s house in Hamilton, Michigan, yesterday afternoon.  What did I do first?  I went shopping!  Only if you have lived outside of the US do you truly understand how nice it is to go shopping.  It only took me a couple of hours to have my list almost finished.  We were treated to a fantastic restaurant by Tom and Shari.

We will have the annual “Pig Roast” tonight.  This is my first time to attend but I am looking forward to it.  The people in Michigan have been very gracious and generous to Grace Ministries.  God has used them greatly to be part of the ministry.

Soy and the girls are “surviving” the freedom for a few days.  Pumpkin carving and painting was yesterday and I think they are having a day of fun today.   They only have a few more hours of freedom!

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