Danville is Here!

After a few problems, Danville Baptist ALL arrived at the mission house on Sunday afternoon.   Flight delays and ticket problems cause 7 of them spend 2 days trying to get to Guatemala.  The other 9 had no problem arriving on Saturday afternoon.

The group left early Sunday morning and participated in a food distribution for 300 families.  The families were relocated after the family, and they are no longer receiving help from the government.  Soy and Ashely Holladay were the leaders for this event!

After lunch in Antigua, the group came back and prepared to feed 8 families from the center.  The 8 families equaled about 55 people.

This has become one of my favorite times with the groups.  When the sponsors come they are able to share dinner at the mission house with their sponsored child’s family.  It is a huge treat for the families.  Being served dinner, asking questions, seeing pictures of family members, taking pictures, etc are all special parts of the night.

The group will have a long day building houses in a nearby community.  Some of the teachers from the future school will assist them in building so it will be a good day of fellowship.

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