JZ Visits Colegio JET!

If you are Soy or Pam’s Facebook friends then you can closely follow JZ’s adventures. My post are always a day late!

JZ started his day serving breakfast to the children at Colegio JET. He was able to meet the teachers of Colegio JET and a lot of the students. He sent the morning helping in the kindergarten through fourth grade classrooms. He had 2 personal assistants to help him with his wheelchair and translating! Thank you to Mikey and Lizzi for helping JZ!

He left Colegio JET and ate lunch at the new Pollo Campero. There are certain things that you must do when visiting Guatemala and eating at Pollo Campero is one of those things.

They loaded up again and drove to Antigua. Antigua is an absolute beautiful city with lots of history and cobblestone streets. While it has lots of beauty, the cobblestone streets and narrow sidewalks do not make it easy for wheelchairs! Thank you to Chino and Soy for helping make sure JZ was able to enjoy Antigua.

JZ was able to overlook the entire city of Antigua when he visited the Cross. They have renovated the Cross to make it much easier to walk and it is wheelchair accessible! It is a beautiful view.

JZ and his family enjoyed a “Bean to Bar” chocolate class at the chocolate museum. It was a two hour class! (Apparently when we took the girls I must have told them to give me the shortened version and to talk fast. Our class was an hour. Sorry Pam!). However, the boys had a great time and learned a lot also.

They walked the Arch Street and enjoyed supper at Hotel Don Rodrigo. The food is excellent and the ambience is wonderful! They were gracious enough to allow our family to tag along for supper.

JZ visited a few of the stores and bought a new soccer shirt and shorts!

This morning, JZ visited a local public school. Although he has spent a lot of time on Grace Mountain, we want him to know the reality for many of the children. Thank you to Shadya and Delmy for being part of the school tour.

JZ visited some of the houses of our local school children. Marta even taught him how to make tortillas! He was able to see the houses and living conditions for our students. We can describe the living conditions, however, it is more real when you see it. JZ probably does not have friends who draw water from a 180 feet well with a 5 gallon bucket or cooks tortillas over an open fire. Thank you Marta for your generosity towards JZ!

Today JZ will travel to the beach! The next two days will be relaxation for the family. It should be a good time!

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