We Are Family!

Ministry has always been part of my life. I know what it is like to live in a glass house while having your parents lead a church. We tend to keep any type of personal struggles very private. If you have ever been a pastor then you understand. If you were raised as a pastor’s … More We Are Family!

Bus Ministry!

In March we began the weekly routine of passing out a bag of food to families. The priority has been to care for the families from the school. Then we would provide food to elders, single mothers, and families in need. Every week we bought food, bagged food, and delivered food. Redundant. Nothing Glorious. A … More Bus Ministry!

Almost Time!

It’s almost time to load the container, close the doors, and send it to Guatemala! Unfortunately, Soy and I left just a few days before the real container work began! It is much easier to tell people what to do in 72 degrees weather! Danville Baptist, Reeltown Baptist, Ethelsville, and Topisaw Baptist have given generously … More Almost Time!

Not Missing a Beat!

On March 16th, a bit of fear and anxiety came with the unknown of the future. I can remember thinking “We need to provide food for the children for only 4-6 weeks.” Boy was I wrong. In addition to providing food came the obstacle of providing academic instruction. We have watched God provide every single … More Not Missing a Beat!

Back in Guate!

2 Days-3 Countries-2 Layovers-3 Flights-4 Airports-2 Borders- Mexico Hotel-15 hours in airport/on plane-3 hours sitting at an extremely hot border-8+ hours of driving–Finally Home! We left at 3am on Wednesday and arrived to our home at 7:00pm on Thursday. We arrived home to no lights and no water! Thankfully, we had a Plan B! Many … More Back in Guate!