JZ Says Adiós!

JZ’s final days in Guatemala were extremely busy! The family traveled to the beach to enjoy the Pacific Ocean and black sand beaches. They spent two days swimming in the pools, riding four wheelers, and eating a lot! This is a beautiful part of Guatemala and we are thrilled the family was able to experience it. A huge thank you to Chino, Edgar, and Jonathan for being JZ’s personal assistants.

JZ’s final day was spent passing out food bags and lunch to the Chimaltenango dump. The Colegio JET students enjoyed celebrating JZ with pizza, nachos, cake, cokes, and piñatas! JZ gave each student a special food bag with cereal, milk, cookies, and spaghetti! A huge thank you to all of the teachers for helping with the decorating and organizing the party.

JZ and the family spent the final night at a hotel in the city. Staying at the hotel made it a lot easier for them to travel to the airport today.

JZ built one house, passed out 370 food bags, provided lunch to 422 people, enjoyed the beaches, spent time in Antigua, and served at the school. He had a very busy week for a 12 year old boy!

We had the privilege to experience JZ’s adventures in Guatemala, but the real heroes are from the Friendship Family! They are the ones who bought shirts, bought lunches, bought concession snacks, and made financial donations! JZ’s bucket list was to build a house in Guatemala and you made it a reality. To God be the Glory!

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