JZ Feeds People!

JZ had a busy day as he started the day attending church Iglesia JET. He is definitely not shy when speaking in front of a crowd! He blessed the people of Iglesia JET by providing lunch for all of them.

We left church and went straight to the food distribution at the local fire station. JZ and his family passed out food bags to 100 families who need a little extra help. Coincidentally, there were people making a video about El Tejar for a YouTube channel. They interviewed JZ about the food distribution. JZ never missed a beat when answering the questions. The reported asked him “Why are you helping the people of Guatemala?” JZ responded, “To show them the love of Christ!” I wish all of you could have seen the reaction of the reporters. They definitely did not expect the response from a 12 year old boy.

JZ and his family left from the food distribution and treated their sponsored children to lunch at the local mall. The families had a great time as they ate lunch and played in the arcade. A huge thank you to Bryan, Daisy, and Lizzi for helping with the transportation and translating.

They ended the night playing video games with Soy. Mrs. Kay and Soy were the babysitters! Brandon and Pam walked down memory lane as they enjoyed a date night at Las Antorchas in Antigua. The owner, Felipe, was extremely gracious to make sure they had a few extra touches to make their date special. They took another picture in front of the Las Antorchas “Flower Fountain”. How many people have a picture in front the Las Antorchas fountain? Thank you to Chino for being the chauffeur for the date night!

Has anyone noticed that this week is centered around JZ!?

Thank You Friendship Family!

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