JZ Builds a House!

JZ and his family spent Saturday building a house for an elderly couple. His dream to build a house in Guatemala finally came true! JZ is now a professional door and window builder for all casitas. He had a few men help him along the way, but he takes full credit for the house. JZ was able lead the family in house dedication also. He explained to the woman that he came to Guatemala to build a house for them in order to show the love of Christ.

JZ provided pizza, ice cream, cokes, and fireworks to the youth of Iglesia JET. They enjoyed playing soccer and basketball with JZ and Charlie. Pam spoke to the youth about why the trip is so important for their family, and JZ told a little about himself to the youth group. At one point we looked at the basketball court and JZ was sitting on the bench surrounded by four girls. He may never return to the states! JZ toured and took pictures of our new medical clinic also. The Baker family went to bed tired and thankful!

Today will be another busy day for the Baker family!

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