JZ is in Guatemala!

Jennings Baker (aka JZ) landed in Guatemala at 7:00 last night! As many from our community know, JZ is a 12 year old boy who has muscular dystrophy. His dream is to come to Guatemala and build a house! In February, Friendship Baptist made his dream possible by providing the funds for his family to come minister in Guatemala.

Yesterday, JZ was able to see the Mobile airport, the Atlanta airport, the Houston airport, and the Guatemala airport! After a mechanical problem in Mobile, a missed connection in Atlanta, a change of airlines, the family finally arrived at the Grace Mission house at 8:45 last night. Amazingly, all of their suitcases were at the Guatemala airport also!

Today, JZ will build a house! Soy will post lots of pictures on his personal Facebook page.

Thank you to the Friendship family! We have lots of fun things planned for JZ!

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