Sponsors Needed!

We are working hard to finalize our sponsorship program. I have about 25 students in Colegio JET who need a sponsor! I am praying for every student to have a sponsor by February 1st!

Student Sponsorship

Our sponsorship program allows to us to provide a hot breakfast and lunch to every child. The donation provides the nutrients and vitamins needed for the children to grow physically and mentally. The donation for the sponsorship program is $50 per month or $600 per year. We only allow one sponsor for every child! If sponsors visit Guatemala then they have the opportunity to visit the child and the family. It is a wonderful way to make a difference in the life of a child!

Work Sponsorship

Our work program began after seeing some of our middle school students have to choose between work and school. Many of our teenage girls and boys are at the age to help financially provide for the families. It is very difficult to convince the parents of the value of an education when they are only trying to buy food for the day.

We started the work program as a way to help the students continue to study at Colegio JET while working to earn money for the family. We currently have 12 teenagers in the program. We provide them with a safe environment, work opportunities, and a fair salary. We also help them make wise decisions about the money they earn. Some of the students use the money to buy food, shoes or clothes, or pay for the bus fare.

How can you help a teenager earn money for the family and receive an education?

How can you sponsor a child at Colegio JET?

You can email me at dtaylor0811@gmail.com and I will send you information about both types of sponsorships.

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