It’s the Little Things…

It’s the little things which happen on a daily basis which make me smile. It’s the small things we see with the children, teachers, and workers which remind us of God’s goodness.

It’s the little things like….

When the little kindergarten boy who wouldn’t smile or talk last year is smiling on the first day of first grade.

When Ronaldo is helping Edgar Sr. cut all of the plates for the teams to use so they can build the casitas

When the workers brag about how Moises cleaned out the chicken coop with excellence and perfection.

When Shadya meets a father in the park to make sure a kindergarten girl has a dentist appointment after crying with a tooth infection.

When a new student in second grade eats a carrot for the very first time.

When a mother who is battling cancer asks for some basic medications and we simply go to the medicine cabinet to meet the need.

When a mother who is watching her child battle cancer knows her other children are being fed, loved, and taught by some of the most caring teachers.

When I listen to the students talk about how funny the new teachers are.

When I hear the kindergarten, first, and second grade teachers using only English for instructional time.

When the children in kindergarten, first, and second grade actually understand the English!

When the teachers make home deliveries with bags of food in order to meet needs.

When we go to the uniform closet and provide a child with a much needed pair of shoes.

When a very talented girl is receiving private voice lessons from Sabrina.

When the teenage boy who we fought so hard for at this time last year is loving school this year. When he studies, works after school, comes to church, and plays late night soccer.

When the soccer field is being used every day by our students or the men from the community.

When Soy sees houses built by Grace Ministries ten years ago and the metal and wood are still good!

When the teams arrive with a true sense of joy about being back in Guatemala.

When the sponsors sit around the table and eat a meal with the sponsored child and families.

When our daughters think eating papusas in the park, churros in the street, and riding a “ferris” wheel held together by duct tape is the same amount of fun as going to Disney World.

When the Andy Griffith show is on at 3:00am every day!

When God reminds us of His Goodness through the little things….

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