We Love Teams!

We Love Teams!   One of my absolute favorite things is when the teams come to the school to see all of the amazing things happening. They are able to listen to the students sing and hear the many stories of the children.  For some reason, I always feel a little guilty about asking people to give us 45 minutes of their time.  I always feel rushed to tell about every single thing God is doing in the lives of our students.   How do you tell 204 stories in only a few minutes?   After hearing the children sing and listening to the stories, I hear constant comments about how the visit to the school was the highlight of the week.  I watch the faces of the people light up when the children sing “Jesus Loves Me” and I see the tears run down the cheeks as they listen to the stories of God’s goodness.   Colegio JET has 204 students representing 125 families–This IS the Heartbeat of our Ministry!!!   

If you are coming to Guatemala, we encourage you to take the 45 minutes to hear the songs, listen to the stories, hug the children, and stand amazed at everything God is doing on Grace Mountain!  

(Such a bad picture but I love watching the adults sing and dance with the children!)

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