December Trip Day 4 & 5

It has been a very busy 2 days. The group spent Sunday worshipping at Iglesia JET. Bro Jerry Hovel did a nice job preaching. Mrs. Jeanette, Nic, Elizabeth, Bro Jerry, Cheryl, and Sandra did an excellent job singing with the Guatemalans. After church some of the group quickly grabbed a bite to eat while others prepared for the next activity.

At 1:00 we hosted a lunch for about 25 pastors and their families. My dad shared an encouraging word with them. They were served a delicious lunch. We blessed them with food baskets and the children received a present. It was an encouraging time for all of them.

At 2:00 another group hosted a luncheon for 40 widows. Sabrina sang and Mrs. Jeanette shared an encouraging word with them. Bro. Jerry shared a devotion with them also. They received a delicious lunch and a nice food basket. There was a very spirit among them.

At 3:00 another group hosted a quinceañera for 3 of our Colegio JET girls. Becky sang and Elizabeth did an excellent job at sharing how they stay focused on the Lord. They enjoyed the dresses, the pictures, the ceremony, the cake, the lunch, and the gifts. It is always a special time.

After the pastors, widows, and quinceañera everyone quickly rearranged the basketball court for our final family dinner. This was the largest crowd but the North Americans and the Guatemalans were expert servers by night three. It was a very special time for each family.

They ended the night by making 300 breakfast burritos!

This morning the group started the day with a devotion led by Bro. Jerry. After the devotion, they came to school and watched a Christmas program performed by the Colegio JET students–All in English! The children did an excellent job! After the program the children received a very nice gift. There were lots of smiles and happy children.

This morning the students and the North Americans played the very first soccer game on our new soccer field. We were blessed to be able to put artificial grass on the field! It is absolutely beautiful. The children are soooo excited!

After a quick soccer game, the fourth through ninth grade students loaded the buses and went to the city. The students enjoyed a McDonalds lunch and bowling! This was the very first time for the students to bowl and it was so much fun watching them enjoy it.

We returned back from the city at about 4:00 for a quick trip to the market, a rest, or preparation for tomorrow. At 5:30 the Grace workers joined us for pizza and dessert. They received a special box of homemade candy from Mrs. Sandra. The group filled bags with lots of candy bars for them also. It was a relaxed dinner after two busy days!

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