December Trip Day 3

The day started with a time of worship through song and devotion. It was great to have Mr. John King join us for the devotional.

One group left to build houses. The location has been wet, windy, and cold! However, they have managed to build and concrete 13 houses in 2 days.

The remaining people stayed and helped cook Christmas dinners for 200 people. Bro. Jerry, Mrs. Jeanette, Lacey, and Mrs. Judy were on the food preparation for the dinners. Sylaina, Sydney, and Noah washed a ton of dishes, tablecloths, and decorated the court. The kitchen crew helped wrap a lot of presents also.

Witney and Elizabeth baked and decorated another 200 cupcakes. The cupcakes are delicious, pretty, and festive!

Mrs. Sandra and Soy made uniform skirts! While the other men built houses, Soy learned how to sew!

What did Haley Rae do? She played on the Grace Ministries basketball team! She argued with the refs and loudly celebrated her two points. Thankfully they did not speak English and they think she is only a crazy American. Amy and Joe David–she may need you to chaperone her on the next trip! Haley Rae did prepare all of the family food baskets and buy a ton of groceries!

The night was spent enjoying a Christmas program, singing, a delicious dinner, opening gifts, and giving food baskets. It was a good night.

The team returned around 8:30 to eat their supper. After supper they helped decorate 200 more cupcakes and unload a car full of groceries.

Today is a very full day also! Thank you for your prayers.

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