December Trip Day 1 & 2

The first part of the group arrived on Wednesday and the final group members arrived on Thursday night. The airlines made some changes on flight schedules causing people to arrive on different days. However, it all worked out.

The children sponsors were able to spend some time with their sponsored children at the local mall. This is always a good time. Some spent the afternoon resting while a few others went to Antigua. We welcomed the remaining part of the team.

They started the day with a special ceremony in a community near Tecpan. The houses being built are in memory of Ms. Kittie Camp who was loved in our church and community. It was a special time.

After the ceremony, one group of stayed and built houses and one group returned back to the mission house to prepare for the dinners. The afternoon was spent decorating, cooking, and preparing tables, and wrapping gifts.

We spent the evening feeing 200 families a nice meal, watching the children sing, giving gifts, and passing out food baskets.

This year is very different from previous years because we are able to use the basketball court to host dinners. What a difference!

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