We are thankful to be busy! Since the last blog entry, a lot of activities have been happening on the mountain. The students continue to come Colegio JET every day to receive breakfast, lunch, and participate in different activities. We have been blessed by working with people from Canada and the US over the past month.

We have been very busy preparing for the December team! The December trip is such a special week because it focuses on serving the families of our school. It also means the children are able to participate in a special Christmas program for their parents. We have several special things prepared for the first week of December also. I plan to blog every day during the December trip so you can see the wonderful things happening.

“So much has changed since I have been on Grace Mountain!” is a very common statement by teams. We are excited for you to see even more changes when you visit Grace Mountain again. There has been even more construction to continuously make things better.

We did take the time to celebrate Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey lunch. A huge thank you goes to Evelyn, Lydia, and Pastor Adan for cooking 17 turkeys and a ton of side dishes.

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