Serving Others!

We are always looking for ways in which our youth can serve others. For the next several months, our youth have the opportunity to serve the elderly in our very own community. The municipal graciously is allowing us to partner with them to serve the elderly. We provide food and fellowship to the elderly, and the municipal provides the facilities, tables, and chairs. My favorite part of this ministry is mixing the younger generation with the older generation. We liked watching the youth walk to each table and engage in a conversation with the elderly. The elderly enjoyed being served by the younger generation. Were the youth really responsible for the event? Yes! They chose the menu and made the grocery list. They cooked the lasagna, squash, and the cream cheese bars. They prepared all of the vegetable for the salad. They helped load and unload the food and paper products. They were responsible for greeting the elderly, giving words of welcome, blessing the food, singing, serving, and cleaning.

We talk a lot about serving others. When we think of the people in our lives who seem to always have joy, who bear fruits of Christ, who are content with life, they all have one thing in common–They Serve. They serve in their church, they serve in the community, they quietly serve others. They never seek attention and they do not live for man’s applause. They have the constant attitude of serving wherever there is a need. They are the strength of the church. They are a breath of fresh air. They are examples of Christ.

Why are we placing so much emphasis on serving others? Serving others is Biblical! Without a doubt, we could have cooked and prepared the food at a much faster pace. We could have served the food without any problems. We could have waited until North Americans were here to serve. However, we want our young people to serve others until it is second nature.

Our prayer is that serving others will simply be an overflow of the joy found in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Their love for the Lord will be so evident that they can’t help but have a strong desire to serve others. They will be men and women who serve others in their community, their church, and their family.

Serving brings joy. Serving shows you what following Jesus is about. Serving advances the Kingdom of God.

“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor,¬†serving the Lord.” Romans 12:11

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