Thankful for Even More!

We are so thankful for the many things happening on Grace Mountain and in our persona lives!

We are thankful that our middle daughter, Sydney, may possibly have two new friends. Last week she told us that there were two girls who have been talking to her. If they continued to talk to her for five more days then they may possible become her friends. This would give her a total of five friends! Apparently there is a “friendship” process that needs to be completed. We always encourage our girls to make new friends. For the past two years Sydney looks at us and responds, “I have one friend. Why would I need more?” She keeps a tight circle! If Sydney ever talks to you or remembers your name, consider it a huge compliment!

We are thankful for people who come to spend time at our school. During the month of August, Sydney Hogan spent her days building relationships with the students and helping in English class. Right now, Dylan and Elizabeth are spending time helping around the school and simply investing in our teachers. It is very encouraging for all of our workers.

We are thankful for a dad who sends us Chik-Fil-A! This past Saturday night, we watched the Alabama game and I made the comment, “The hardest part while we watch the game is all of the Chik-Fil-A commercials.” On Monday, Dylan and Elizabeth gave us a plastic container full of Chik-Fil-A nuggets! They were devoured in no time. (Soy was much more excited about the Honey Buns. However, they were for our girls. Our girls will never see them.)

We are thankful for our CPA TJ Vice in handling all of the finances for Grace and SLAM. He spends a lot of his personal time completing all of the paperwork for the IRS. Thankfully, we have a CPA in Guatemala to have the paperwork for the Guatemalan government. Every dime is recorded and reported with the US government and the Guatemalan government. It is a lot of work and we are very grateful to have TJ’s help.

We are thankful for the churches and people who support us. We are the boots on the ground, but we are simply an extension of the generosity from people in the states. We are honored to have people in our corner who understand the importance of meeting the needs for our community. Our supporters are the ones making a difference in so many lives.

I started writing down the many things we are thankful for on Tuesday. The list became exhaustive and I had to simply stop typing. May we all be reminded of the many good things we have in our lives!

We Are Thankful!

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