People We Love!

We spent last week serving alongside some of the most influential people in our lives.  People who have been part of our journey and our lives for a very long time.   They came as an opportunity to see our ministry in action and look for ways to serve us in the future.   

Bro. Neal and Mrs. Jana. Seaborn served as IMB missionaries for more than 25 years.   They were part of my dad’s first mission trip to the Philippines in 1993.   After 1993, they stayed as part of our lives every time they came to the states.  About 12 years ago, Soy and I traveled to the Philippines and China.  We really thought God would lead us to the other side of the world.  Bro. Neal and Mrs. Jana graciously opened their homes to us and made arrangements for us to see lots of different ministries with the missionaries.   We receive every advice given because they have so much experience as missionaries in foreign countries.   They are some of the most precious, sensitive people who have such a heart to serve the Lord.   Bro. Neal is currently serving as pastor of a church in Texas.  We are excited about his church becoming more involved in missions.    

Pastor Terry Rainey has preached so many sermons at youth camps, revivals, Guatemala devotions throughout my life.    He never backs down from preaching the Truth of God’s Word even if it is not popular.  His love and passion is evangelism.  His desire is to see people accept Christ as personal Savior.   He was even part of officiating our wedding due to his influence in our lives.   He has always encouraged us, prayed for us, and supported us.   He has a love for the people of Guatemala.      

Mr. Morris Bryant has been part of my life since I was born.  His family was always just an extension of our family.   It never failed that when my dad was out of town then our pets would die or people would knock on the house door at late hours of the night.  Mr. Morris always had to come bury our pets and chase away the invisible people knocking on the door (one would think that he would stop answering the phone).  From family vacations to youth camps to serving on our Board of Directors, Mr. Morris has been faithful in encouraging, praying, and supporting us.    

Of course, we love for my dad and mom to come to Guatemala.   They have been the ones to show us the love of Christ in every aspect of serving.   They have modeled how to serve and meet needs without the applause of man.  They have shown love to the unlovable.  They have generously given when they did not have it to give.   They have clung to the promises of the Lord in every season of life.  They have walked in the Lord’s obedience even when it didn’t make sense.  Their faithfulness in serving the Lord, their love for people, their humility, their selflessness is a constant model for our lives and ministry.   

When you see the pictures of the precious faces or you hear the stories of hope, it is a direct result of these people who have invested in our lives.   We always talk about how the past and present people in our lives are changing the lives of the children and families in our ministry.  One day, they will see the eternal impact they had on so many people in Guatemala.    To God Be the Glory!      

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