Thankful for More!

We are so thankful for the many things happening on Grace Mountain!

We are thankful to have a covered basketball court. Last Saturday, I spent the day working in the office. The rain was steady, but I could hear the sounds of children yelling and basketballs bouncing. Even in the rain, the students were able to have basketball practice.

We are thankful to have a soccer field that is used every single day. I sat in my office on Sunday and listened to a group of rowdy teenage boys play soccer after church. I would much rather have them spending their spare time on our soccer field than walking the streets. (The boys use it every day! After the rain it has a lot of mud. However, the boys are perfectly fine with a little mud!).

We are thankful to have workers who meet needs at all times. For example, one of our students called a worker at 2:00am this morning because the family needed help and the worker answered the phone. As I am typing this blog, some of our workers are helping the family solve a very serious problem–Even after work hours!!!

We are thankful to be surrounded by a group of people who have such servant hearts. From taking people to the doctor, washing the van, having parent meetings on the weekends, staying at work a bit longer to interview prospective teachers, making home visits, buying food for families, buying clothes for students, or playing an after school game of soccer–they do it all. They have no idea how much we love each of them.

We are thankful for some of our students choosing an education. We have advocated very hard for one of our teenage boys. Although the boy is attending school, he is not enthusiastic about studying. He can’t seem to understand the value of an education. We honestly didn’t know if he would agree to continue studying next year. Last week, our administration had a meeting with the mom. For the very first time, the boy told his mom that he wants to continue to study. Because he loves math and reading–No Way! He wants to continue studying because he made the Colegio JET soccer team! He happens to be one of the best players. He even told his mom that he is willing to walk to school if she can’t pay for the bus. We are perfectly fine if this 14 year old boy only completes his education because he wants to play on a soccer team!

We are thankful for teams who have built 160 homes in 2022! It has rained a lot over the past several weeks, and I think about the families every time the rains come. There are 160 families who are sleeping in a dry, secure house with concrete floors.

We are thankful for students who serve the community. Yesterday, the 9th grade students served the elderly in our community. We want them to constantly look for ways to be the hands and feet of Christ. We want serving others to become second nature for them.

To Be Continued….

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