To all of the people who work with teenagers–You are special! Teenagers have so much energy! This team consisted of a lot of teenagers. Of course, our teenagers loved being able to spend time with the North American teenagers. For the past couple of days, you can hear the laughter of teenagers all over the mountain. The basketball court and soccer field have been kept busy with American and Guatemalan teenagers. The North American teenagers dominated in basketball and the Guatemalan teenagers dominated in soccer. The games continued into the late night since our basketball court has lights!

Soy posted videos and pictures on his facebook of zompopos. We have laughed at how many people commented asking if we need food. Zompopos are huge flying ants and May is the season for them. They are very expensive to buy. Thankfully we have some friends who watch the ant hill for the zompopos to exit so we do not buy them. Our friends cook them and share them with us. Soy and 2 of my girls eat them. We have a bag of zompopos in our snack box in the cabinets. My girls will grow up eating zompopos as a special treat instead of Blue Bell ice cream! Do I like them? Nope. I prefer not to have insect legs in my teeth.

After church last night, I watched a huge spider crawl over the block wall. It was only the size of the palm of my hand. Of course I happened to be in the middle of a conversation with someone regarding a planning their trip to Guatemala. I simply had to finish the conversation while keeping my eye on the spider. When I heard the huge field rats running on the roof of the awning then I ran. I can handle the spider, but I can’t handle the rats.

Igelsia JET Market! The past several groups have spent hours shopping in Antigua, and they still need one more gift on the final night. We decided to have an Iglesia JET Market with lots of typical items for sale! If the team wants to purchase more souvenirs, the youth from the church have all of the typical items available. They have purchased the items and they are using the profit to go towards youth activities at the church and transportation.

I have a very limited supply of GRACE thermos cups for sale. We have received very good reviews about the quality of the cups. They are $25 per thermos.

This team saw 3 young people accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. You can not put a price on this. Worth every day off of work, worth every dollar spent, worth every hour of planning.

We are about to see one group leave and another group arrive. The Lord has been very good to us! Our favorite part is telling people about the countless good things happening with our ministry, our students, and our families.

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