Summer is Here!

First, thank you to every person who has served our country. The men and women who have given their lives in order for us to have the freedom to choose to live in Guatemala–Thank You!  

We are so excited to be at the start of a very busy summer season.   The first summer group arrives on Grace Mountain on Thursday.    Bro. Wayne, pastor at Clear Branch Baptist Church, is leading a team made up 35 additional people.   The team spent the first day constructing house and the second day constructing house and a medical clinic.   Some of the youth graciously shared a testimony and played games with the youth of Iglesia JET.    As I type this blog, we are finishing the second medical clinic. They are hard working, flexible, and willing to do whatever needs to be done.   We are excited about working with various teams this summer.   

I am so grateful for the teachers at the Colegio JET. Their positive attitudes and flexibility allow the teams to be involved with the children at our school. If you are a teacher then you understand how disruptions can cause kinks in the schedule. However, our teachers know the importance of telling the teams about how we are watching God change the lives of our students. The teachers want to brag on the great things God is doing with in our school, church, and community.

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